1 June Children’s Day in Ukraine, 240 Children Died in War

AllvertaGlobal – If in Indonesia June 1 is celebrated as the Birthday of Pancasila, in Ukraine commemorates Children’s Day every June 1, which falls on this day, Wednesday (1/6/2022).
But in Ukraine, children don’t seem to be able to celebrate Children’s Day as usual as the war is still going on. In fact, the available data states that children have also become victims of the war carried out by Russia.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Ukraine reports that more than 240 children have died since Russia’s campaign.

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The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office said at least 243 children have been killed and 446 injured in Ukraine since the Russian offensive began in February.

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In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office also reported that at least 1,937 educational institutions in Ukraine had been damaged, with 181 of them completely destroyed.

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It is known that the number is “not final” because it does not include casualties in areas where the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing as well as in areas occupied by Russian troops.

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