5 Fairly Safe Time to Swim in the Aare River

AllvertaGlobal – Tourism in rivers and lakes, including the Aare River, is often a destination for local Swiss and foreign tourists alike. Many residents go to the site to do water activities, from swimming to paddling a canoe.

However, the river water carried ice fragments from the Aare Glacier, making it cold. The water temperature in the river ranges from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius in the summer at noon. Choosing the right time is also quite important to avoid the risk of drifting and drowning, such as the case of the death of the child of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz (Eril), some time ago.

1. In Spring.

Most people in the country swim in the spring. In spring, the average air temperature in the Aare River can reach 15 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature in the river air during the day can reach 16 degrees Celsius.

2. During Summer.

Not only spring, summer is also a suitable time for people to swim in the Aare River. Citing the official website of the City of Bern, Europeans refer to summer as the “Hundstage” or dog day.

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In the City of Bern, not only residents swim during this season, but dogs too. Visitors can see dogs wearing life jackets, or skateboards, or being carried by their owners if people choose to swim in the Aare River in summer.

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3. Afternoon

Afternoon is also said to be a suitable time for swimming in rivers, including the Aare River. As quoted from the company’s official website All American Swim, daylight is a popular time for swimming. This is because the water temperature in the river is not too cold and most people have completed their tasks or work.

4. When the Body is Fit.

A fit body condition must also be a concern before swimming in the Aare River. Healthy people can still get tired or experience muscle cramps. However, an unfit body makes people’s chances of fatigue higher.

The Aare River itself has a fairly swift current in the seasons when the ice in the Alps melts. If you are tired and you are not careful, people may be in danger of being swept away by the current.

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5. When the Water Flow is Relatively Calm

The public is advised to swim when the current in the Aare River and other rivers in Switzerland is relatively calm. Calm currents can reduce the risk of people drifting and drowning. Citing the Water Safety website, strong currents can drag a person in various directions, including dangerous rocks.

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