Bhikkhu Pannyavaro: Small People’s Buddhists Can’t Buy Expensive Tickets for Worship at Borobudur Temple

AllvertaGlobal – The application of special tickets for tourists who will go up to Borobudur Temple has received various responses from various parties. One of them is from a Buddhist religious leader, Bhikkhu Sri Pannyavaro Mahathera, from Mendut Vihara, Mungkid District, Magelang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. Sri Pannyavaro said, Buddhists from among the small people would not be able to reach the ticket price to ride the Borobudur Temple which is priced at IDR 750,000 per person.

Even though they used to worship at the largest Buddhist site in the world. “Little people, (there are quite a number of rural Buddhists in Central Java) until they die, of course they will not be able to go up to the temple to do puja or pradaksina because they have to pay a very high cost for them,” said Pannyavaro, through a press statement. , Monday (6/6/2022) afternoon.

According to him, limiting the quota of 1,200 people per day who climbs to the top of the temple is really necessary to save the temple. But it should be without having to pay for tickets that are considered expensive. Pannyavaro argues, restrictions can be done with the queue method.

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If on that day visitors can’t go up because the quota is full, then they are welcome to go up the next day. Registration can also be done online so it’s easier to set up. “So it’s not just those who have money that can go up, or in other ways have to become a monk first, or return to being a school student. Of course this is very unlikely,” said Pannyavaro.

Furthermore, said Pannyavaro, it doesn’t matter if Buddhists have to queue to be able to go up to Borobudur Temple. It is the same with Muslims when they want to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca. “Let the Buddhists patiently wait in line to climb up to the top of our own temple.

Just like Muslim brothers who are also patiently waiting for the queue for the pilgrimage for several years,” he said. He hoped that the wishes of the Buddhists could be heeded by the authorities in making decisions regarding the regulation of Borobudur Temple.

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