US shootings become more brutal, Biden insists on banning firearms

AllvertaGlobal – Cases of shootings in a number of areas of the United States have become increasingly brutal, US President Joe Biden has insisted on proposing a law to ban assault weapons for civilians across the United States.
The proposed law includes tightening the rules for buying firearms, starting with a legal track record to setting a minimum age.

Biden made the statement on Capitoll Hill with a candlelight background as a form of deep condolences for the series of mass shootings in the United States.

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“How much more slaughter are we willing to accept?” Biden said, urging Republicans to lift the voting blockade on gun control, as quoted by CNN.

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The speech was the President’s loudest and most specific call for gun control since a series of mass shootings at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde Texas, New York, and the doctor’s office at the St. Francis, Oklahoma, Campus Hospital.
Biden’s bid to push for concrete steps and threaten opponents of the new gun laws could anger voters he claims the majority support some kind of new measure to prevent mass shootings.

In addition to pushing back on the ban on assault rifles, Biden urged Congress to add background check requirements to gun purchases and create new rules for the safe storage of weapons, including the introduction of a new red flag.
The ‘red flag’ in question is preventing the sale of weapons to those with criminal records.
He also proposed a new law threatening to revoke licenses for rogue gun manufacturers and more mental services for students.

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As CNN reports, most of Biden’s proposed bill looks set to be extremely difficult for a gun-spliced ​​Senate to pass.
However, Biden again used the moment to garner support from the public, which in fact was opposed by most Republicans.
“Oh my God, the fact that the Senate Republican majority doesn’t want this proposal discussed or put on the ballot. It just doesn’t make sense,” Biden said in his speech.

“We must not disappoint the American people again,” he added. So far only a number of states in the US that impose a ban on civilian assault weapons. These states include California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

At least seven shootings occurred in several areas in the US in just one month. The bloodiest and most heartbreaking incident for the public was the shooting at Robb Texas Elementary School which left 21 people dead, including 19 children. Likewise, the shooting incident at the St Francis campus hospital, Oklahoma, Wednesday (1/6) local time, killed five people, including the shooter.

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The shooter used an assault rifle in carrying out this brutal action. This type of rifle has not been banned for sale to civilians in a number of states in the US. A total of 36 people have died in seven shooting incidents in the United States in the past month.

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