Revealed, This Is The Main Weakness Of America’s Doomsday Aircraft

AllvertaGlobal – The doomsday plane, as it is called because it is operated if there is a nuclear war. The United States and Russia have it. However, it has its drawbacks, mainly because of its old age. Understandably, the goal was to anticipate the cold war.

The US doomsday plane is based on the Boeing 747 and is named the E-4B Nightwatch. There are four units made and have been around since 1973 aka almost half a century. It’s been like that, never been upgraded.
The US is reportedly already preparing a replacement. In a recent report on the doomsday plane, journalist from Politico Lee Hudson stated that the doomsday plane seemed so outdated.

“There is a spiral staircase that leads you to the cockpit. The cockpit itself is full of analog control buttons. On the whole plane, almost nothing is digital except for the clocks in the conference room and near the military workstations,” he added.
“Each workstation is equipped with a wired cell phone and outdated monitor reminiscent of Apple computers from the 1980s. The Air Force itself doesn’t say how it can defend against a nuclear attack, but it is known that the lining is reinforced with anti-nuclear shields,” he continued.

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Although it is still a secret, it is reported that the US is already preparing a successor that will be ready in about 10 years.
Dubbed the doomsday plane because the plane will be used as a command center in the event of a conflict involving nuclear. The president may also have an office there.

It consists of three levels and can accommodate up to 112 crew members, including top American officials.
Can be refueled in the air, the Nightwatch can stay in the sky for days, a maximum of 7 days. The manufacturing material is designed to survive even in conditions of nuclear war.

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Because it was designed to deal with nuclear war, this doomsday plane has several unique features. Most importantly, this aircraft uses an analog system entirely, there are no digital devices because it will be paralyzed by electromagnetic waves (EMP) attacks due to nuclear explosions.

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