Besides Borobudur Ride Tickets, There Are Mandatory Rules That Will Be Applied. Here’s the full

AllvertaGlobal – The ticket price to enter the Borobudur Temple area is currently being debated. Understandably, the discourse of an increase of Rp. 750 thousand for local tourists and US$ 100 for foreign tourists is considered too expensive.

In addition to prices that will rise, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno also said there are new rules that will be mandatory for tourists, especially for those who want to go up to the temple area. This rule will apply to both local and foreign tourists.

If previously the rules for travelers were only about not being allowed to carry sharp weapons, guarding ancestral heritage sites and following all the instructions around the temple, now they are required to hire the services of a tour guide and change the footwear used.

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Bacaan Lainnya

“Later visitors must hire a tour guide who is professional and provided around the temple, and above must also use special sandals made by the surrounding community, MSMEs,” said Sandi in the weekly press briefing which was held online, Monday (6/6).

  • Hire a tour guide

Tour guides have actually been around for a long time at Borobudur Temple. It’s just that not all local and foreign tourists hire their services.

The new rules that are currently being discussed, one of the points will require tourists to hire the services of a tour guide provided by the temple manager. This tour guide is also confirmed to be professional and trained to serve tourists and is a local resident around the Borobudur temple.

  • Wear special sandals

The condition of the Borobudur temple is said to be starting to deteriorate. This can happen because there are too many visitors so that the footwear used by tourists can make the temple stone more worn or brittle.

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Therefore, these tourists are required to use special ‘upanat’ sandals provided by the manager and specially made by local artisans in the temple area.

  • Book tickets online

visitors must book tickets online. This is done to limit the quota for entering the temple area, which is only 1,200 people per day.

  • Quota limitation

The government also stipulates restrictions on the quota of visitors who may go up to the temple area. Per day, only 1,200 visitors are allowed to go up.

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