Camila Cabello opened the Final Champions with the song sung

AllvertaGlobal – The young singer was appointed as the opening in the tense trophy final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. This match was held by Stade de France in Saint-Denis in northern Paris. The very lively opening was seen by thousands of eyes from the two famous club supporters.

The final match between Real Madrid vs Liverpool this year is a tense match. The audience of the two big clubs was willing to jostle and jump to the fence to see the Big Matc from his support team. The extrime thing done by these supporters made the officers a little defeat, until -until the officers spray pepper to secure the situation in the stadium.

As for Camila … When I performed the opening song, the supporters had cheered irregularly to the situation a little chaotic in the field area. A fantastic performance of the Camila singer was shown to the public and the famous football club supporter. The condition broke when Camila opened it with singing. The enthusiasm of the supporters of the Liverpool and Real Amdrid football teams is very fanatical

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