Camilo Vargas Dressed as a Hero and Atlas Beat Pachuca 2-0

AllvertaGlobal – Atlas has been living a dream for almost a year, and he still hasn’t woken up. Luis Reyes and Julián Quiñones scored the two goals to beat Pachuca, but it was Camilo Vargas who sustained the illusion of a two-time championship for the Red and Blacks in Liga MX.

Camilo Vargas watches over so that none of his companions and followers wake up. He does it under the arch of the red and black. First as a figure in the penalty round against León and now preventing up to four attacks from the Tuzos from becoming a goal, in the first leg of the Jalisco Stadium.

“Vargas! Vargas! Vargas!”, shouts the Jalisco Stadium, after Pocho Guzmán, on two occasions, and Kevin Álvarez, on two others, tested the abilities of the Colombian goalkeeper. The four opportunities with a successful ending for the Colombian.
Camilo Vargas’ performance opened the stage for the Atlas party. The Colombian goalkeeper kept the red and black goal at zero and, in the attack, Luis Reyes, together with the other Colombian, Julián Quiñones, crushed Pachuca.

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In the first half, Julio Furch put on the worker’s suit to give Luis Reyes the role of scorer. El Hueso, as they call it, opened for the wing and finished off José Abella’s center, which made it 1-0.

In the complement, when stage fright ruled the young people of Pachuca. The other figure of the rojinegros, Julián Quiñones, banished from Tigres, made it 2-0, in a breakaway at the last minute, disputed by the rivals, due to a supposed foul of his own.

It’s true. It took 70 years for the Atlas to become champion again, but it has been almost a year in a dream that promises to end with a bi-championship, unthinkable.


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