How to ‘Reject’ Messages Without Blocking Contacts on Whatsapp

AllvertaGlobal – The WhatsApp application has an Archive feature which provides privacy benefits regarding received messages. This feature can also make people seem unable to send messages to us without bothering to block them.
Through the archive feature or archive this message, chat rooms that are considered disturbing can be archived. In short, this feature makes it easy to hide individual or group chats from the chat list.

That way, you don’t know whether there are incoming messages or not from contacts or groups that have been archived, because notifications don’t appear.
“The archive (feature) on WhatsApp allows you to organize private messages and prioritize important conversations. Your Archived Chats will now remain archived and muted, but you can always change them back!” WhatsApp said in a tweet, Friday (27/5).

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Here’s how to archive a chat or group message:

  • Select the chat column you want to archive
  • Swipe the chat room to the left of the screen, until the ‘more’ and ‘archive’ options appear
  • Select archive, and the chat room will automatically enter into the archive column

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To find out which message rooms have been archived, users can do the following:

  1. Scroll down the chat list, until there is an archived option. The number next to archived shows how many individual or group chats are archived that are unread.
  2. Select the archived menu
  3. The menu display will change to an archived chat list

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This method also allows users to cancel the archived chat column, namely by> swipe to the left of the chat that you want to cancel> select unarchive. The archived chat messages will automatically return to the normal message list, according to the official WhatsApp website.

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