India’s Supreme Court Orders Police Not To Torture Sex Workers

AllvertaGlobal – The Supreme Court (MA) of India ordered the police not to torture sex workers, considering that the right to decency and human dignity is the right of every person.
“It is known that the attitude of the police towards sex workers is often brutal and abusive. They seem to belong to a class whose rights are not recognized,” said the court when giving the order aimed at protecting the interests of sex workers reported by The Independent.

“Police must treat sex workers with dignity and must not torture them, both verbally and physically, subject them to violence or coerce them into sexual activity,” said Judge L. Nageswara Rao, B.R. Gavai, and A. S. Bopanna, in the order released last May 19.

“The basic protection of human dignity and decency also doubles as sex workers and their children, who bear the burden of the stigma caused by their work, are excluded from the periphery of society, deprived of their right to live with dignity and the opportunity to provide equal rights for their children,” the third continued. that judge.

India’s Supreme Court also urges the government to ensure that sex workers who are sexually assaulted receive the facilities provided to victims of any sexual violence, including medical assistance. In addition, India’s Supreme Court asked the public not to consider the efforts of sex workers to maintain their health, such as using condoms, as an act of humiliation.

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The agency also urged the government to hold classes that teach sex workers their rights and obligations under the law.
The court also asked the media not to publish the identity of sex workers, either as victims or defendants.

Meanwhile, Durbar Committee Advisor Mahila Samanwaya Biplab Mukherjee, as quoted by The New Yorks Times, assessed that this order could save thousands of sex workers from police violence and intimidation. Protection of sex workers in India through legislation requires a long way.

In July 2011, the court set up a committee to examine the rehabilitation measures of sex workers and provide them with a dignified life. This committee was formed when the Indian government was dealing with the murder of sex workers in 1991.
The committee then found three important things to ensure the safety of sex workers, namely the prevention of human trafficking.

Then, rehabilitation for workers who wish to leave the business, and ensuring conducive conditions for people who still wish to do the work under the Indian constitution.

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As of 2016, the Government of India is still considering the draft law made by the committee. However, the law has not yet been passed. As a result, the Indian Supreme Court then issued the order.

One of the obstacles to the passage of the law is the Government of Narendra Modi’s objection to the provision of equal protection to sex workers.

They also objected to the committee’s suggestion against the arrest, sentencing and harassment of workers during raids on brothels. India is one of the few countries that provides legal protection to the business of prostitution.

Human rights groups estimate India has around 900,000 sex workers. Many of them work because of poverty and become victims of human trafficking.

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