Indonesian Artist Raffi Ahmad Gives a Gift to His Beloved Wife A Luxury Car Worth IDR 20 Billion

AllvertaGlobal – Celebrity Raffi Ahmad proves that his household conditions are always harmonious. As proof, Raffi even gave a luxury car as a gift to his wife, Nagita Slavina. Raffi awarded one unit of a luxury car worth Rp. 20 billion.
The car that Raffi Ahmad bought for Nagita Slavina was branded a Rolls Royce Phantom. The British car was bought by Raffi Ahmad from his best friend, Rudy Salim.

“Today I was surprised by Mr. Rudy Salim, because this car arrived, this is one of the cars I like too,” said Raffi Ahmad when met at Prestige Motor, North Jakarta, Sunday (19/6/2022).

Raffi admitted that he had ordered the luxury car from Rudy Salim. Until finally he managed to get the luxury car.
“I indented from the end of last year, almost five months. This has come,” said Rafatar Malik Ahmad’s father.

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Bacaan Lainnya

Previously, Raffi Ahmad had another Rolls Royce car of the Ghost type.
“This is a joint choice, actually there was a previous type, at that time in 2013, there was the Ghost and the Phantom. Now, we’ll swap the Ghost with this one,” said Raffi Ahmad.

Raffi Ahmad also said the car was the most expensive car owned by him. However, Raffi was reluctant to mention the price of his luxury car.
“This car is a British car, the price is above Rp. 20 billion. This is the latest release, 2022. This is a very complete spec,” said Rudy Salim.

Raffi Ahmad said that this luxury car will be one of his collections. According to him, there are several things that make him comfortable with the car, besides the price that always goes up.

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“Yes, this is an everlasting car, which means that you don’t have to change cars anymore. This is just the old car,” explained Raffi.

“So if we save it, we take care of it, usually it’s over 10 years if the rare types can keep the price going up,” he added.

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