Italian MotoGP: Marquez crashes, motorbike is destroyed and caught on fire

AllvertaGlobal – Honda racer, Marc Marquez had an accident that caused his motorbike to be destroyed and caught fire while preparing to face the second qualifying of the Italian MotoGP at the Mugello Circuit, Saturday (28/5).
Marquez experienced a highside while devouring the second corner. The Baby Alien lost his balance from the motorcycle he was riding.

The motorbike that Marquez was riding was even destroyed and caught fire shortly after the incident occurred. The good news is that Marquez did not suffer the slightest injury from the accident that occurred ahead of the Italian MotoGP’s second qualifying.

Marquez’s accident caused the red flag to be flown. The qualifying session for determining the starting position was temporarily stopped while the officers cleaned up debris from the motorbike ridden by Marquez.

Marquez himself managed to qualify for the second qualification after occupying the second position in the first qualifying session.

Fabio Di Giannantonio managed to be the fastest in this session. The Italian racer was followed by Marc Marquez who took second place.

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This result made Di Giannantonio and Marquez who occupy the top two positions qualify for the second qualification of the Italian MotoGP.

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