Kim Jong-un Congratulates Queen Elizabeth II on Platinum Jubilee

AllvertaGlobal – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent a message of congratulations to British monarch Queen Elizabeth II as the Queen celebrates the Platinum Jubilee or the 70th anniversary of the throne.

“I send congratulations to you and your people on the celebration of the national day in your country, the celebration of His Majesty’s birthday,” Kim said in his message to the Queen, Thursday (2/6), according to the North’s Foreign Ministry.
Queen Elizabeth herself has started the Platinum Jubilee celebration since Thursday (2/6). The Platinum Jubilee was held to commemorate 70 years of the Queen’s reign.

As reported by AFP, Pyongyang and London have established diplomatic relations in 2000. The two also continue to maintain their embassies, although North Korea is not on good terms with Western countries due to nuclear tests and other weapons development.

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Even so, the British Embassy in Pyongyang is currently closed due to North Korea’s tight borders in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year, North Korean state media KCNA reported that Queen Elizabeth had sent a message congratulating Kim on celebrating the founding of North Korea. The celebration falls on September 9.
“As people in North Korea celebrate their National Day, I send a message of good wishes for the future,” the Queen said, in the KCNA report.
Meanwhile, relations between North and the West are getting worse as Pyongyang continues to test weapons.

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