Kim Jong Un Distributes Personal Medicine to Fight Mysterious Outbreak

AllvertaGlobal – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is reportedly donating his personal medicine to people infected with a mysterious outbreak.

As reported by the North Korean media, KCNA, Kim sent medicines that his family prepared for people diagnosed with an acute enteric epidemic in Haeju City, South Hwanghae Province on Wednesday (15/6).

“Giving the drugs to the Party Committee in the office, Secretary General [Kim Jong Un’s position] asked for the drugs to be sent to the Haeju City Party Committee and ensured the committee there to concretely register people who are experiencing difficulties due to the epidemic, as well as provide medicine medicine to them as soon as possible so that they can contribute to their treatment even if it is only a small amount,” the report from KCNA said.

In addition, Kim reportedly asked the party committee to wholeheartedly prepare and deliver the needed medicines.

Kim also stressed the need to contain the epidemic as quickly as possible. This can be done by quarantining suspects, confirming cases through epidemiological assessments and tests, as well as sterilizing infected areas.

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However, KCNA did not explain in detail what kind of epidemic occurred in North Korea and how many were infected.

The Associated Press reported that some experts thought the ‘enteric epidemic’ in North Korea was meant for infectious diseases such as typhus, dysentery and cholera.

This assessment comes considering that North Korea often experiences outbreaks of the disease in its country.

“Outbreaks of measles or typhoid are not rare diseases in North Korea. I think it’s true that there is an infectious disease spreading there, but North Korea is using the [outbreak] to emphasize Kim cares about its citizens,” said Ahn Kyung Su, head of the website DPRKHEALTH.ORG, a website. website that focuses on health issues in North Korea.

“So this [drug administration] is more of a political message than a medical one,” he continued.

On the other hand, this information comes a month after North Korea reported a rise in fever cases. The increase came shortly after Kim announced his country had detected cases of Covid-19.

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Since then, North Korea has frequently reported the number of cases of the ‘mysterious fever’. However, the government did not specify what caused the case, nor did it provide details on how many of these cases were corona virus infections.

However, South Korea’s spy agency said a “large number” of cases of the fever included patients with diseases such as measles, typhus and pertussis.

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