Mass Covid Tests Held in Beijing After Detecting 166 Positive Cases

AllvertaGlobal – Beijing’s densely populated Chaoyang district announced three rounds of mass Covid-19 testing to contain the spread of the coronavirus that emerged from a bar and shopping mall last week.
Several officials announced that the mass tests would take place on Monday (13/6) and Wednesday (15/6).

So far, as many as 166 positive cases of Covid-19 are known to be connected to the spread at Heaven Supermarket bar, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Thursday (9/6). A total of 145 cases happened to bar customers.

According to the spokesman for the City of Beijing, Xu Hejian, the Covid-19 outbreak that is spreading in the city is currently ‘ferocious,’ Sunday (12/6).

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“At this time, the risk of further spread remains. The most urgent task right now is to trace the source of the cluster, as well as to manage and control the risk,” Xu said, quoted by Reuters.

Not only carrying out mass tests, two buildings where Chaoyang residents live were locked (lockdown) on Sunday (12/6) after detecting one positive case.

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Large iron barricades were also placed in the complex. Several staff in personal protective equipment were also seen carrying disinfectant into the building.

Police and extra security were stationed at the exit of the building.

Several businesses near the building, including “Paradise Massage & Spa” are also under lockdown. A number of staff and customers at the premises were also locked for two days to be checked.

Several Beijing residents said they received messages urging them to report if they had time to visit the bar in Sanlitun in the near future.

Meanwhile, this incident comes a week after Beijing said it would relax Covid-19 restrictions, by allowing people to eat indoors.

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On the other hand, mass testing and lockdown are not foreign policies in China, considering that the Bamboo Curtain Country is quite strict in implementing their zero-Covid strategy.

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