Shakira & Gerard PK split after 12 years, this is the reason

AllvertaGlobal – Their love story is nothing less than a movie story. Starting from a question from PK. In 2010, when the FIFA World Cup was played in Africa. Then Shakira sang the World Cup anthem and danced passionately over it. The two first met while filming this song. Gerard PK is also seen in this song. Although Shakira is not a football fan and couldn’t recognize PK at that time. But when he saw the video of the song, his eyes fell on PK and he really liked it.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué Love Stroy: One of Hollywood’s most beloved couples, Cambodian pop star Shakira and fellow Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué are going their separate ways after 12 years. Both issued a statement on Saturday and informed about this.

The two said in a statement, “We regret to confirm that we separated. Although the two are not yet married. It said, “The welfare of our children is our top priority, we want you to respect our privacy. Thank you for understanding.”

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When Shakira will appear in the South Africa World Cup. In such a situation, PK messaged him and asked about the weather, after which Shakira asked him to bring a jacket. After this, whenever the weather changed, Shakira would text him and a conversation started between the two. The two were in a relationship after the World Cup.

Shakira once told me that before meeting PK she was very mentally disturbed. But after PK’s arrival, his life got better. Shakira is 10 years older than Gerard PK, but this never happened between the two. In 2017, when Shakira’s vocal cords started to bleed, Gerard supported her a lot during that difficult time. At the same time, in 2013, the two welcomed their first child and now have a daughter and a son. Their names are Sasha and Milan.

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Recently, there has been speculation in the Spanish media about the separation of the two. It is said in the news that Pique has left his home in Barcelona and is living alone elsewhere in the city.

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