The motive for the shooting at the Oklahoma Hospital: Angry at the surgeon

AllvertaGlobal – Oklahoma Police, United States, revealed the motive behind the shooting at the St Francis Hospital campus hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma state, Michael Louis, Thursday (2/6).

The motive was revealed from a letter from the perpetrator found by the police. Louis wrote that he was annoyed with the surgeon who operated on him and accused him of causing back pain.

Louis was operated on by a surgeon named Preston Phillips at the hospital. After the surgery he complained of back pain and went to the clinic for a check up.

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“[Police found] a letter from the alleged perpetrator explaining that he had come with the intention of killing doctor Philip and anyone who got in his way,” Tulsa police chief Wendell Franklin told a news conference.

“He [the perpetrator] blamed Philip’s doctor for what happened after the operation.”

Philips was one of the victims who died in the shooting. The other victims were another doctor, a receptionist and one patient.

“They were standing in the street and Lewis shot him,” Franklin continued. Lewis then shot himself.

Franklin also said the suspect purchased a semi-automatic weapon from a local gun shop before launching his attack at the hospital.

The shooting at St Francis Hospital occurred on Wednesday (1/6). As a result of this incident five people including the perpetrator were killed.

The gun violence emerged shortly after the mass shooting at an Ulvade Elementary School in Texas on April 24. As a result of this attack, a total of 21 people were declared dead. In response to the mass shooting, United States President Joe Biden pushed for the Senate to reform the country’s gun ownership regulations.

“For God’s sake, how many more massacres are we willing to accept? We can’t let the American people down again,” Biden said.

“After Columbine, after Sandy Hook, after Charleston, after Orlando, after Las Vegas, after Parkland, nothing has been done. This time it can’t be justified.”

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