The bodies of 14 plane crash victims in Nepal have been found

The bodies of 14 of the 22 passengers on the plane crash in Nepal have been found on Monday (30/5). This leaves eight people still missing.

“A total of 14 bodies have been recovered so far, searches are still underway for others. The weather is very bad but we were able to deploy a team to the scene. Another flight could not be carried out,” Nepal Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Deo Chandra Lal Karn was quoted as saying. from AFP.

On Sunday (29/5), a passenger plane from the airline Tara Air lost contact. The plane took off from Pokhara City at 09.55 local time and was scheduled to go to Jomsom.

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The plane was carrying 19 passengers and three crew. Two of them are German, four are Indian and the rest are Nepalese.

On Monday (30/5), Nepal’s rescue team found the crash site. The wreckage of the plane is also visible in photos released by Nepal’s military spokesman, Narayan Silwal, on Twitter.

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