There is a new security loophole in WA, hackers can hijack through here

AllvertaGlobal – WhatsApp users can be easy targets for hackers through security holes in the application.
The security vulnerability was detected by computer security researchers from CloudSEK. This security vulnerability can allow hackers to confiscate WhatsApp accounts using a simple phone call.

“Lately, we have concrete examples, such as a new phishing campaign being launched to steal users’ personal data,” said CloudSEK Founder and CEO Rahul Sasi as quoted by Gizchina, Tuesday (31/5/2022)
According to him, the mode used is very simple, hackers randomly make phone calls to WhatsApp users and try to convince them to call a very specific number.

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Unfortunately if the victim does so, they immediately log out of their WhatsApp account. In reality, this special number allows hackers to take control of someone’s account
Once the hacker gains access to the account, he will request money from the victim’s contacts. In this way, the hacker spoofs the victim’s WhatsApp contacts before the victim even realizes that he has lost control of his account.

“Because service providers around the world use numbers starting with ’67’ or ‘405’; victims tend to call without hesitation,” he explained.

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Taking control of a WhatsApp account can pay off quickly for hackers, by calling the number in the contact for money.
“However, there’s not much you can do to protect yourself from this kind of scam. Always enable two-factor authentication and never accept calls from unknown contacts on WhatsApp.” he explained.

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