Types of Vaginal Shapes You Need to Know

AllvertaGlobal – The shape of the vagina in every woman can be different. The various forms of the vagina are generally influenced by the size, shape, and color of the vaginal lips or also called the vulva. Although the shape is different, this does not affect the function of the vagina in every woman.

Vaginal shape does not have a certain standard. The shape can be short, long, curved, or inward. The shape of the vagina can change with age, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

To see the shape of your vagina, lie down with your legs apart and place a mirror in front of your vagina.

Recognizing the Various Forms of the Vagina

Before recognizing the various forms of the vagina, you should first know the anatomy of the vagina, especially the vaginal lips or vulva.

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The vulva looks like a fold of skin that is on either side of the vaginal opening. This skin fold consists of two parts, namely the outer lip or known as the labia majora and the inner lip that leads to the vaginal opening or also known as the labia minora. The color can also be pink, brown, or black.

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By knowing these parts, you can easily recognize the shape of the vagina. The following are the various forms of the vagina:

1. Curved outer lips

The shape of the vagina with curved outer lips is described as an inverted horseshoe whose ends meet. Usually, the curved outer lips will reveal a bit of the inner lips.

2. Asymmetrical vaginal lips

This vaginal shape is very common in women and is called asymmetrical because one side of the labia minora is longer and thicker than the other.

3. Inner vaginal lips protrude

Women with this vaginal shape usually have labia minora that appear longer and thicker than the labia majora. This condition makes the lips inside the vagina come out slightly past the outer lips, so that part of the labia minora is clearly visible.

4. The outer vaginal lips protrude

In addition to the inner lips, the outer lips can also be longer and thicker so that they cover the entire labia minora. This form of vagina generally has vaginal skin that looks thinner, so the impression is a bit loose.

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5. Long and dangling inner vaginal lips

This shape is actually the same as the shape of the vagina with the inner lips protruding. It’s just that most of the labia minora has passed the outer lip so that it looks dangling. Women with this vaginal shape usually have extra skin or folds at the end of the labia minora.

6. The outer vaginal lips are long and dangling

Not only the inner lips, there is also a vaginal shape whose outer lips are long and dangling. This form usually has skin on the lips of the vagina that is thin and loose. These folds on the outer vaginal lips can also form slits, so that the labia minora are slightly visible.

7. The outer vaginal lips are small and closed

This form of the vagina, the two sides of the outer lips stick together and cover the inner lips completely so that they are not visible at all.

8. The outer vaginal lips are small and open

This vaginal shape has an outer lip that is flat or flush with the surrounding skin, but the two sides of the lips are not close together so that the labia minora underneath are still visible.

9. The inner and outer lips are the same

The last form of the vagina is the inner and outer lips of the same size. However, the inner lip is usually blocked by the outer so that it is not visible. The inside of the lips can be seen when doing activities that can pull the outer lips, for example sitting too long or squat jumps.

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Keep in mind that the shape of your vagina does not have to match the various vaginal shapes above. You may have another vaginal shape that is unique and different from other women. In addition, the shape and size of the vagina also does not affect sexual function and orgasm.

Regardless of the shape of the vagina, if you feel pain, discomfort, or a very sensitive vulva, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor to find out the cause and how to treat it according to your condition.

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